Privacy Policy

Milestone Global Resources Ltd ‘MGR’ is committed to safeguarding and protecting
your personal information. As part of this commitment, our Privacy Policy meets the
stringent requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, the UK’s implementation of
the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect personal and other special categories of data, why we use it, who we share it with, how it is securely stored, and how long we will keep it.

In addition, we will outline our data breach procedures.

Data on investors and employees We will ask our investors for their explicit consent to collect and use personal data when collecting this data. This consent will serve as the legal basis for data processing and will be requested when completing an application form.

We collect data.

We collect information to register investors and employees as part of our rigorous process and to keep necessary and legally required records. Name and address, all qualifications, financial information, contact information including phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact information are all required.

Former employer references, bank account information, National Insurance number,
photographic ID, work permit (if applicable), passport information, relevant identification documentation, Health, Sickness, Absenteeism, and Fitness for Work declarations, driving licence information, job availability, and any previous DBS information are all required.

How do we keep the data?

All collected data will be stored digitally on secure computers and in secure paper files.
Milestone Global Resources Ltd business mobile phones will store limited amounts of
data such as name, address, e-mail addresses, and phone number information.

Data access for investors and employees

Investor and employee information is kept in a transparent and legal manner and can be accessed within one month of a verbal or written request.

Data deletion request for Investors and employees

When investor or employee leaves Milestone Global Resources Ltd, they have the
right to have all personal data held about them erased, with the exception of information we are legally required to keep in accordance with regulatory guidelines and guidelines outlined by other Government Agencies.

The purpose of storing investor and employee data

We collect personal information about our investors and employees in order to
operate legally as development and management of premium graded property
projects. We owe it to our investors to provide them with the necessary
qualifications and experience.

The goal of storing investor and employee information

In order to legally operate as property investor, we collect personal information
about our investors and employees.

How long do we keep the information?

Before erasing investor data, we will keep it for 3 (three) years for Milestone Global
Resources Ltd marketing purposes. We will keep our investor and employee data for
three (three) years after they leaves Milestone Global Resources Ltd before destroying it.

a) The enquirer’s name and address, as well as contact information such as
phone numbers and email address (or advocate).
b) The investor’s name and address, as well as contact information such as
phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact information.
c) The type of care required and the reason for the care, as well as any special

Who we share the information with

We will share your information with third-party(ies), professionals, regulatory bodies,
or law enforcement agencies if you consent to us using your personal data for care delivery purposes.

Procedures for data breaches

In the event of a personal data breach, the controller must notify the Information Commissioner’s Office as soon as possible and, where possible, no later than 72
hours after becoming aware of it, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018,
unless the personal data breach is unlikely to endanger the rights and freedoms of
natural persons. If the notification is not sent to the ICO within 72 hours, it must be
accompanied by an explanation for the delay.
After becoming aware of a personal data breach, the processor must notify the controller without undue delay.

The notification referred to in paragraph 1 must at the very least:
Describe the nature of the personal data breach, including, where possible,
the categories and approximate number of data subjects involved, as well as
the categories and approximate number of personal data records involved;

Communicate the name and contact details of the data protection officer or
other contact point where more information can be obtained; and

Describe the likely consequences of the personal data breach.
Where, and in so far as, it is not possible to provide the information at the same
time, the information may be provided in phases without undue delay.
The controller shall document any personal data breaches, comprising the facts
relating to the personal data breach, its effects and the remedial action taken. That
documentation shall enable the supervisory authority to verify compliance with this

Companies like ours use cookies to improve how visitors view and interact with our
website. Cookies are data files that we send to your computer each time you visit
our site, allowing us to recognise you the next time you visit. Your browser type,
operating system, and other non-personal information are all used. We may
remember some personal information such as email address and name for registered
visitors and investors in order to either personalize or make the visit more efficient.

We may ask visitors for contact information in our online surveys (like email
address). Contact information from the surveys is used for other purposes, such as
improving our websites and learning more about the needs of our customers and
visitors to our site. It is also used to assist us in improving our internet marketing

Information security
This website employs security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration
of information under our control, including personal and business information
collected from you.

External hyperlinks
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Inquiries about privacy policies
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