Property Investment Finance


By understanding our investment criteria, we are able to identify the best acquisition opportunities. Our experience and intimate market knowledge mean we are well positioned to deliver on long-term investment holdings.


Key Features of our Strategy

Buy – A run-down/unmodernized property is purchased, preferably at below market value (BMV) using a joint venture or bridging finance.

Refurbish Value is added to the property by modernizing, obtaining & implementing planning or permitted development rights. The works could be a light refurbishment, which is a quick project, or a heavy refurbishment which involves extensions/conversions. The key requirement is to add value to the property.


Our Possible Exit Strategies

Refinance The short-term bridging loan is refinanced onto a long-term buy-to-let mortgage at a lower interest rate for typically 25 years. The buy-to-let
mortgage is based on the increased value after work is completed and at a typical 75% loan-to-value.

Therefore, sufficient funds are available to repay the joint venture or bridging
loan, the interest, the acquisition costs the costs of the works; generating a
deposit for the next project.

Hold and Rent – The property is rented out to produce cash flow for the buy-
to-let mortgage and a profit for the investor.