Property Management


Milestone Global Resources Ltd oversees the management of rent, maintenance support, service charges and insurance across all our properties.

We also undertake all tenant negotiations, legal and maintenance support from the start to the final stage. We will undertake a full assessment of your property to build up an asset register of all services on the property and discuss your preferences in order to create a complete picture of your requirements.

Our team are here to ensure that your property investment is well managed,
while ensuring your tenant is happy – happy tenants are more likely to stay!


We will arrange to inspect your property at intervals during the tenancy; this is to ensure that everything is in order and that there are no unknown issues. A written report will be sent to you, together with any recommendations.

Rent Collection

We manage collection of rent from the tenant and in the unlikely event of them not making payment on time (or missing a payment), we will contact them to ensure that things are quickly rectified.

Service of Notice

We will ensure to serve notice on your tenant in the correct form and, on time, will ensure that all relevant legislation is complied with, thus giving you complete peace of mind.

Emergency works and 24-hour contact

We will oversee all minor and emergency repairs, and can be contacted 24 hours a day. Our panel of contractors are tried and tested, and we will, where possible, obtain more than one quote, ensuring you are getting the best value for money.


Once the tenant has vacated, we will arrange for a professional cleaning service to give the property a complete and thorough deep clean. If we do not manage your property, we can still arrange pre-tenancy and post-tenancy cleaning, and would be happy to provide a quote.


Towards the end of the initial fixed term, we’ll contact both you and the tenant to discuss if both parties are keen to renew the agreement. At this point, we will review the rent and advise if current market conditions require any adjustment to the monthly income.